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About us

LLC PA Dneprkozhgalantereya – is the dynamically-developed modern knitting factory which is dealing with gloves manufacturing having a complete production cycle: from yarn production to packaging and logistics.

"Dneprkozhgalantereya" Ltd. - is the undisputed leader in the market of hand protection in Ukraine and one of the largest manufacturers of knitted working gloves in Eastern Europe.

Staff Team of  LLC "Dneprkozhgalantereya" - is an energetic close-knit team of professionals comprising of highly skilled professionals and people who love their work.

The main activity of LLC PA "Dneprkozhgalantereya" is the protective gloves production and sale under the brand name DOLONI.

LLC PA Dneprkozhgalantereya produces knitted work gloves since 2008 year.

About product

The DOLONI trademark product favorably differs from analogue supplied to Ukraine from South- East Asia. TM DOLONI - a high quality of knitting and also the use of its own yarn production and the world's best yarn manufacturers.

All products of TM DOLONI are certified under UkrSEPRO system , has a declaration of conformity to the Technical Regulations of personal protective equipment and test reports, confirming the safety of the product. All raw materials, used in manufacturing process, meet sanitary standards of Ukraine and requirements of the Ukrainian legislation.

A wide range of gloves  ТМ DOLONI   (more than 70 models of gloves) reflects the company's commitment to technological development, innovation and the creation of solutions that address the needs of end users.

Products are competitive, are represented in all regions of Ukraine and exported to Russia, Poland, Hungary, Moldova and other countries.

The products of DOLONI - is a guarantee of protection for your hands!